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I began my Bar Method journey on Sept 19th 2011 – the day my kids started school. I was nervous and insecure. After a long period of inactivity, I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted with big smiles and open arms and the staff took a direct interest in my goals. My classmates were warm and welcoming.


I was looking for an exercise program that would help me lose weight and lean out and for a platform to address my postural issues. Osteoporosis runs in my family and is a big fear of mine. I have very rounded shoulders and have always found it difficult to stand up straight without feeling discomfort.

Since starting The Bar Method I have strengthened my core and postural muscles and am standing taller than ever without discomfort. Credit definitely is shared with the diligence of The Bar instructors and their consistent corrections “Amy, shoulders back and down.. Amy relax your shoulders … Amy, bend slightly forward at your waist…”

The staff at the Bar Method are supportive and always ready when I needed those words of encouragement. I have accomplished my first set of goals – and the staff were always there to reassure me to go even future than I thought I could. They see my potential as unlimited and I am grateful to have them in my corner.

My physical transformation has been incredible – I’ve lost almost 15lbs, have lost the unlovable “love” handles and have carved out my shoulder and arm muscles. I have also had the opportunity to reintroduced myself to the legs I had in high school! When I started I didn’t feel comfortable wearing a tank top – now I wear one every class just so I can see my muscles in action! I can’t wait until summertime to wear tank tops and short shorts again!

In addition to the physical changes – I have noticed a change in my self- confidence and energy level. As a mother of two young children also a business owner who is in the middle of renovating a 100+ year old house, I wasn’t the top of anyone’s priority list – not even my own. The Bar Method staff asked how I was doing every day, making me feel significant. They understood that even though it is only 1 hour in a day…. it belongs to me.


I look forward to my Bar future, I know it will never get easier but experiencing the “Ah Ha” moments when I find myself going lower, longer and feeling stronger make it worth it. I am addicted and will always find a way to get at least 4-5 Bar days in a week. “A Bar day is a good day.”

Here’s to getting Stronger, Longer and Leaner!!!