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Top Ten Reasons I Keep Coming Back To The Bar

#10. It’s totally acceptable, in fact applauded by my family, when I say that I’ve been to ‘the bar’ again this week.

#9. It is a religious experience. I hear more Jesus, Mother Mary and Josephs here than I do at church. In fact, on the days I don’t ‘Barf’ (as it’s fondly called in my household; I shoot for 4x a week), I feel like there is something missing that endorphin rush and sense of calm at the end of class.

#8. My flat tush is starting to show some definition from where it starts and my leg ends.

#7. I finally found a dance move I can do – Love Back Dancing!   Maybe it’s because I know the class is almost over?  If only there were mirrors on the ceiling- I know I’m rocking it!

#6. My focus has improved. I actually hear half of what my husband is saying now.

#5. My balance is better. I don’t fall over in the shower, while standing on one leg to shave.

#4. I get to step outside my comfort zone and play mind games with my body. Go lower, tuck deeper, count faster, shake-shake-shake -all the while telling myself it’s not really burning in my thighs, calves, glutes and BRAIN. And for kindred menopausal Bar Belles, please know I am willing every window open-and the breeze is spectacular! So far, that one isn’t working so well….

#3. After years of walking the soggy hills and walls of Wet Vancouver, I stay dry at The Bar – other than for my continuous sweating that is.

#2. My goal is to leave this world with my original set of hips- a feat the women in my family struggle with.

#1. Ten short months ago, I came to change the way I work-out; to strengthen and tone my aging ‘far side of 50’ body. I knew if I didn’t use it- I was going to lose it. To my surprise, I entered into a community of energetic, diverse, positive women.  Women I now count myself lucky to call friends. Alongside them, I have cursed, tucked, sweated and stretched. Toning and strengthening my body has only been a bonus.