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In May 2013 I could not help but notice the amazingly fit and gorgeous women entering and exiting the stairs to the Bar Method in West Vancouver. Every single one looked as if they belonged on a magazine cover! As curiosity got the better of me, I decided to check it out and I liked what I saw and heard so I decided to try it. The price was right and I thought “what do I have to lose …except inches”?


That first day as I sat on the carpet with clean socks on toes, I thought to myself while looking around the room at all the nice outfits….”Why the heck didn’t I invent Lululemon?!” followed by “Two /three pound weights?? Ha! This will be a breeze!” Was I ever in for a surprise! Those first 10 seconds of arm work produced “Burn burn burn”!!

After three weeks of attending classes (4 times a week), I swear I could see more definition in my arms and a better awareness of my posture as I walked. I am very inflexible and have arthritis in my hips… so stretching not only felt good but I could actually see it helping me. I was pleased that the instructors guided me through how to do alternative exercises to avoid my hip issues and they were so knowledgeable. The thigh workout just about killed me but the collective moans and groans from everyone let me know I was not alone.

I went until October of 2013 4 days a week and although I did not lose much weight, my thighs became leaner and I have a more defined body (still lots more room for improvement)

I have met some interesting, friendly, and well-accomplished gals and it is exciting to watch their bodies changing as well. Some days I feel as if I have really accomplished something by remembering to cut the crusts off my little daughter’s sandwich – that is until I sit beside a lady who just helped raise $300,000.00 for Family Services thanks to her charity work efforts. The room is loaded with all kinds of great gals, known to me only by first name, but who I look forward to seeing while I am there and who have now become dear friends and even golfing buddies.

I like that the class has a repetitive side to it yet there is always something different depending on the teacher. Equally, I like that it is only an hour out of my day and I don’t leave all sweaty!

In October I had a total hip replacement and worked out at the studio right up until that last day before surgery. I knew that to have a successful recovery I needed a positive attitude and a very strong body. It has been a great result so far and today I was given the go-ahead to start back at the Bar in January. I cannot wait. I have missed the friends and I need the ongoing core strengthening to prepare for the next hip, which I am told will need replacing as well.


I am hooked on the Bar Method, foot flexed of course, and I look forward to many more days there…and I am honored to share my story amongst so many incredible gals.