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I was in a horrible head-on collision in December of 2009. I suffered from a soft tissue neck injury which affected my ability to exercise the way I was used to. I continued to go to the gym daily and I felt like I wasn’t able to tone up the way I wanted.  I gained some weight. I started to think perhaps it was just how things were going to be for me. I was going to Physio several days a week and I even got botulinum toxin type A in my neck to loosen the muscles!

Friends of mine were going to the Bar Method and I noticed a huge change in their bodies. They told me to try it at 6 am on a guest pass. In January of 2012, I went to the 6 am class with Kaycie. I couldn’t believe how hard it was, but how easy it was to follow because the instructors were so hands on, they lead me through every move so I wouldn’t fall behind or injure myself. I walked down the stairs after class and felt like my legs were going to buckle under me. The next day, I joined. I bought the new customer package and thought I would try a month to see if I continued to like it as much as I did the first time. I wasn’t sure how my neck would respond long term.

I have been going to Bar religiously for 1.5 years and my neck is so much better than it was. There are a few exercises I can’t do because it will hurt my neck, but the instructors have given me alternate exercises so I am not suffering through anything. Carolyn, Kaycie and Kristine K. were the three instructors that really motivated me to keep going in the beginning and they stayed on me to ensure I was in proper form so not to hurt my neck.

When I don’t go to Bar Method for a few days, I miss it greatly! I was just in Whistler and walked into the gym at the resort and was relieved to find the gym had a room with a bar in it. I tried to do some exercises on my own but there is nothing like the encouragement and stares of the instructors to keep you in exercises. Often I want to come out of thigh, but I stay in it so not to let the instructors down! The instructors are encouraging and always let you know when you do a good job in class.

I feel extremely lucky to be living in Vancouver since Carolyn has opened the only two Bar Method studios in Canada, right here in Vancouver and West Vancouver. I really love the Bar Method…it’s changed my life!