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Who knew when starting the Bar Method over a year ago that it would have such a positive outcome for me?  Not only has my body significantly changed but I feel much stronger, healthier and to top it all off my posture has improved greatly.  And I do find it unique that this is all being achieved sans injury.  I have never ran into a workout regimen that both gives you results without going through some sort of physical barrier where you need to take some time off to heal and recover.

Oh and have I mentioned that I am still learning tips about my technique during class?  Yet another reason why I like the Bar Method – the classes never get any easier as you keep on further perfecting the moves and challenging yourself to go deeper into the positions.  And the instructors are right there with you doing a fantastic job at pushing you to your limit!

And I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – it truly is an absolute pleasure and motivating to see the smiling faces and positive attitudes of all of the Bar Method Team Members in addition to the formation of some great friendships with like minded individuals who attend the classes.

So for all of the above and much much more, I am very grateful to Carolyn and the whole Bar Method Community!  A big MERCI goes out to all.  Keep up the good work!