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Starting the Bar Method a few months shy of a year ago, I was interested in an exercise class that I heard targets thighs, bums, and helps tone and shape all over. These were results I was not achieving on my own. Within coming to the first class and experiencing shaking muscles I never knew existed, I realized this was the class for me! I stuck with the recommended 3-5 classes a week and within 2 weeks saw a noticeable change in my body. The classes were motivating, the instructors knowledgeable, and I was getting in better shape by each class – I was hooked!

The more classes I attended, the more I started to look around, talk, and enjoy the environment. I realized I was surrounded by incredible women- both instructors and clients. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, and life styles. We were all there in the studio together reaching a common goal. The funny thing for me was that it wasn’t until this point that I realized what my goal was. Not to be the skinniest , the smallest , or the size 0, but instead to be strong, healthy and to sustain it. At this point I also realized that the strength, health, and sustainability weren’t just being felt in the results of my body, but also in my mind and spirit. The Bar Method made me proud of my body and proud of the women I was there with. All of us striving to be strong, and working together as a community.

Throughout the past year, my fitness level has been higher, I have been able to do more with my body, be it scuba diving, hiking, running, or much more and I could finally do it with ease. It was a thrilling feeling. However a few months back , I received some very upsetting news regarding my health, and I realized I would have to stop the active lifestyle I was relishing in so well. Very upset, I went to my doctor and brought up the Bar Method website. I explained the techniques of the class, and asked him how he would feel if I continued during my treatment process. He said he’d keep his eye on me and agreed. At this time I spoke with the staff / instructors at Bar Method to see what we could do to manipulate the exercises so I could continue throughout treatment. Once again I was overwhelmed by the outcome. Not only was everyone understanding and willing to work with me, they were so supportive. Over the next few months I felt I had a constant second home full of support by the community (staff and clientele). As well, it has provided me an opportunity to keep some sense of normalcy and pride in my life where I otherwise would have just been sick. The months to come following the news have been trying at times, but I know for that hour at the studio I will work hard, strengthen my body and be supported.

I contribute a great deal of my recovery to the Bar Method and the community created by it. I have great pride in the strength I have learned my body has. Now every hour I’m in class I am motivated. Not only when I feel the shake we all dread and look forward to–I know my jeans will look better than they did when I was 16,  but I also know it gives me the strength to move forward when I was told I wouldn’t be.


I am very grateful for this class, and community. At 31, and undergoing chemotherapy, I look at my body with pride.