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Thank you Bar Method West Vancouver for kicking my booty into shape! I have never been a ‘gym’ girl, preferring outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and was an equestrian for several years. Problem is that none of these sports work your upper body, and while I have been relatively fit and trim most of my life, I have never known ‘tone and definition’. I turned 40 last year and decided that it was now or never to get the body I wanted.


A good friend told me that how you age is all about how fit you are going into your 40s. I wanted to feel STRONG, and look BUFF…in short I wanted to (and still do 🙂 ) look like Connie M., one of your newer instructors at Bar in West Vancouver, and a friend for over 15 years. It was she who recommended Bar to me, and I respected her fitness background and opinion. One class and I was HOOKED!

I joined in March of 2013, and have been going 4-5 days a week since then. Even when I am travelling for work or holidays I do as many Bar exercises as I can (PUSH UPS!) so that I don’t lose what I have gained. In just a couple of months I started to see some dramatic changes, and noticed how strong I felt, especially in my core. I have had back troubles for many years, and my back is doing SO MUCH better!

My hubby Jason started noticing the changes in me as well, and I think the combination of that plus my incessant chatter about how awesome bar was convinced him that he should give it a go. He joined in August (one class and hooked too!), and is now a regular as well. I am sure he will be a Bar Star very soon as he is dropping inches faster than we can measure ! 🙂

Thank you team Bar Method for all your encouragement and support!